Our services

Civil law 

We may prepare  all kind of agreements for you (commercial contracts related to business activity, tenancy, leasing,  building contracts, commissions and other), we may help you with real estate matters, obtaining compensations, protection of personal rights. We provide legal assistance in matters regarding inheritance, division of assets or family cases; we represent residents in disputes against estate managers.

Administrative law

We help you to obtain concession, permit or other kind of decision regarding  real estate regulations; protection of environment, investment, legalisation of foreigners’ stay in Poland and employment. We also represent individual clients in administrative disputes against public entities and in administrative courts.

Labour law

We offer you complex support in all matters related to employment, management contracts, outsourcing; We may support not only employees but also employers in management of work-based disputes.

Public procurement law

We provide full  range support, including representation in KIO and court proceedings.

Corporate law

You may count on our support regarding company management,  initiation of companies, mergers, division and transformations of companies, liquidation of commercial enterprises.

Protection of competition and consumers Law 

We pay attention that our clients are not charged of infringement of fair competition rules while developing their business; in case of dispute between entrepreneurs, an entrepreneur and a consumer or entrepreneur and regulation authorities in scope of competition protection we always seek the best way to resolve it.

Intellectual property rights

For many years we have been specialising in protection of copyright, obtaining protection rights for trademarks and representing out clients during disputes in field of industrial property.

Railway transport 

We help you in formal issues regarding obtaining a permit to use machines and other devices on the territory of Poland.

Bankruptcy of a business and consumer entity 

We help to evaluate chances of effective submission bankruptcy petition and collect necessary documentation. We offer complex services during bankruptcy proceedings from the moment of clients decision to have his debts regulated by the court to the moment of execution of repayment plan or bankruptcy estate distribution plan accepted by the court.